Entrenpreneur & Race Car Driver



As a young man, Brady was around dirt track sprint car racing in northern California. His dream since he could walk was to be a professional race car driver. Brady had two jobs by the age of 9 to convince his parents that he would be well worth the investment. He and his parents scraped up enough money to purchase an old used gokart at age 11. In a rich man's sport, on a small budget, his successful gokarting career highlighted 21 championships, 300 awards, Screaming Eagle award, and crowned national champion in the most competitive class in the International Karting Federation.


In the early stages of his "Road to Indy" IndyCar driver development program the racing career dream ended prematurely due to economic conditions. The talent was there, but in 2008 many companies pulled their sponsorship programs from auto racing.


A change in careers brought him into the automotive aftermarket industry where his company is now taking the muscle car engine market by storm. Brady still has the racing dream alive and it may be possible with his new business venture.



"Something was attacking my nervous and neurological system."

In 2013 Brady had started to develop anxiety, cold body temperatures, depression, energy loss, hair loss, fainting, and poor digestion. Medical professionals couldn't find an obvious diagnoses so they labeled it as a mental disorder of some kind. Brady knew it was something else and kept searching.

In 2016 Brady found the "Bulletproof Diet" through a friend and learned about the side effects of mold exposure. He took this data to doctors and they denied any possibility of him having mold exposure. They ran the tests anyway and Brady tested positive for black mold exposure at levels that would kill the average person. The mold penetrated his immune system to a degree where his gut, liver, galbladder, thyroid, and sinuses were in bad shap. H-Pylori (a bacteria in the stomach that attacks cells that produce acid and are the leading cause of ulcers) grew in his stomach which was causing the poor digestion due to low stomach acid production. With a very poor immune system his body was deteriorating slowly and bacteria was collecting in his gut. He tested positive for e-coli, salmonilla, C-diff, and SIBO. It's a miracle Brady not only made it out alive but was able to identify the problem.

With the help of Root Cause Medical Clinic out of Saratoga, California, Brady was able to bounce back. This is a treatment that takes several years and Brady is 90% recovered.

"I hope to write a book one day so I can share what I've learned through this journey. I want to help others and I never want anyone to experience what I went through. You don't appreciate your health until it's gone."

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West Coast Engines is an online based performance engine company that sells Chevy and Ford engines for classic cars! These engines are easy to install engines for your everyday "Joe" or hot rod shop.


Each engine is custom hand-built to ensure it fits your vehicle. 


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